About HiGoTecâ„¢


With foundations going back to 1998 HiGoTec has the track record and experience to Support you and your Business.
About HiGoTec
Reputation is crucial for both individuals and businesses as it shapes perceptions and influences trust.
A positive reputation builds credibility, fosters strong relationships, and opens doors to opportunities.
It serves as a cornerstone for success in personal interactions, professional endeavors, and broader societal contexts.
HiGoTec is owned by Murray who has been in the industry since 1998 and started HiGoTec in 2010.
Murray started his Web Development Career in 1998 and has worked all over the World and brings decades of experience to HiGoTec.
What sets HiGoTec apart from most other Website Companies is that we make everything ourselves and have total control over our Systems and Servers.
Most other Website Companies use FREE Software such as WordPress or third-party paid services like WIX or GoDaddy where they just plug your content in and hope for the best.
Murray has made the HiGoTec System to be very tight, tidy, easy to use, fast and made it so it just works.
Click through the HiGoTec Website and Directories and see how fast they are compared to the speed of other Websites.
Murray is a Brisbane, Queensland, based entrepreneur, Microsoft Certified Professional, System Administrator and Database Administrator, Website and Cloud-based Software Developer and Business Owner with decades of experience under his belt.
Between 1998 and 2004 Murray built his first Websites and contracted building Websites in Australia and the UK... additionally in 2000 to 2004 he worked as the Head European Web Developer for a multi-national, billion dollar a year, company in the European Head Office in The Netherlands and grew and developed his skills while managing Websites for 17 countries in 12 languages for 4 divisions of the company and an internal Intranet all while managing his small client base outside of hours.
In 2004 Murray returned to Australia, for family reasons, and planted roots back home.
After building his own Content Management System (CMS) Murray and a group of friends got together and created HiGoTec to offer services to generate income for the group to go on holidays.
Although great friends working in a business together did not work and in 2010 Murray took full control of HiGoTec and registered it as Company.
In early 2024 HiGoTec launched its' first Local Directory for the town of Nanango and the plan is to expand the Directories throughout 2024 and 2025 and creating a new CMS to help us all Share and Grow Together.
While offering outstanding and ongoing Support for all our Clients for decades to come.