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HiGoTec Directories

Building an online Community to support local business and people... would you like to be part of it?
HiGoTec Community and Directories
HiGoTec is building an online Community by creating Local Directories to support the Local Community which in turn fosters connections, amplifies voices, and generates collective impact.
It's vital for us all to engage, as it cultivates solidarity, shares resources, and empowers individuals to actively shape their towns, ultimately fostering a stronger, more resilient Local Community.
Joining hands virtually enables us to bridge geographical barriers, harness diverse perspectives, and enact positive change where it matters most - in our own backyards.
The whole ethos of HiGoTec is Share and Grow Together and with the HiGoTec Directories we can come together and create something special in your Community.
With the creation of HiGoTec Directories we can focus on Community engagement and growth for everyone involved.
Each Community has their own Website and Directory that they manage themselves keeping everything local... locals dealing with locals.
On the 18th March 2024 the first HiGoTec Directory is launched for the Community of Nanango, Queensland, with plans to rapidly expand in the surrounding areas in 2024.
Over 2024 and 2025 HiGoTec plans on rolling out as many Local Directories as possible to fuse Local Communities together are being put in place.
Check back here for updates and links to the HiGoTec Directories as they come online.
If you are interested in having a HiGoTec Directory for your town please contact us.